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31 Oct 2022 - Local People into Local Jobs initiative

The Tasmanian Government is providing more than $3.1 million to TasCOSS over three years to support Tasmania’s community services sector meet workforce needs estimates of an additional 4,000 jobs by 2024.

This funding is supporting four key projects under the Local People into Local Jobs initiative:

  1. Community Services-based Project Team (Workforce Coordination Project) This initiative will establish a community services-based project team in TasCOSS, to drive research and data collection and reduce barriers to employment in the sector.
  2. Community Services-based Workforce Ready Team This initiative will establish a Workforce Ready Team, working across sectors to coordinate better integration of education and training with community sector needs.
  3. Community Services Sector Recruitment Campaign This initiative will provide for a recruitment campaign to ensure the community sector is a career of choice for Tasmanians. Community Services.
  4. Sector Workforce Development Fund This initiative will establish a Workforce Development Fund to deliver a coordinated increase to the sector’s training capacity.

TasCOSS are currently working to deliver the ten-year Community Services Industry Plan and this workforce development initiative fulfils some of the identified actions in the Plan.

A key feature of the project is the role of the Community Services Workforce Coalition to position Tasmania as a national leader in thinking and best practice in strategic workforce planning and to deliver industry led workforce projects.  The objective of the Coalition is to steer and support the implementation of the Workforce Coordination project.

The collaboration shown since the Coalition formed in March 2022 has seen a true collective of actively engaged industry leaders seek to connect resources and networks.  This is the first time such a broad representation of the community services sector has formally worked in partnership to progress multilayer investments and initiatives, whilst balancing the challenges of diverse sub-sector specific requirements.  Valuable workforce strategies are emerging, supported through a direct network of workforce connections.

Introduced at the September Workforce Coalition meeting, the recently recruited Workforce Ready Team will provide support to the initiative as well as build collaboration and coordination across the broader industry.  The roles provide opportunity for industry sub-sectors to participate in the whole of industry activity both as members of the Workforce Coalition and also to implement activity in their sub-sector by resourcing a workforce development role in or for the sub sector.

The first round of industry enrolments for Cert IV Training and Assessment (TAE) commenced July 2022.  Further rounds of accredited Training and Assessment qualifications and skill set offerings over the course of the project will support tailored activity and participation by subsidising the backfilling of participant’s positions.  The backfill subsidy is the first of its kind offered by Skills Tasmania as a response to barriers to training within the community services industry.

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