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Skills Tasmania

North West Job Ready Generation Package

The North-West Tasmania Job Ready Generation Package funds initiatives that support the upskilling of 600 north-west Tasmanians with qualifications and on-the-job training required in the growth sectors of agriculture, mining, manufacturing, building and construction.

1The North West Building Futures Program

Tasmanian Building Group Apprenticeship Scheme (TasBGAS) have delivered 34 school based apprenticeships and 15 pre-apprenticeship commencements with the aim to grow Apprenticeships within the Building and Construction Sector. The Building Futures program is co-funded by Keystone:

2The New Apprenticeship Scholarship Pilot

The New Apprenticeship Scholarship Program (NASP) has been implemented to support eligible apprentices and trainees in North West Tasmania undertake their apprenticeship or traineeship.

The NASP supports apprentices and trainees in Agriculture, Transport and Logistics, and Health Care and Social Assistance.

For more information please contact your Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) Provider.

The program guide can be found here.

3Gaining Authentic Industry Training Program

The Cultivate Group have developed videos showcasing the benefits of VET in agri-tourism, the video’s highlight agri-tourism as a diverse sector. The videos are promotional tools to support increased engagement in VET to support business, career information and increasing capacity within the sector.

Videos can be accessed through Discover VET

4Agricultural Skills Delivery

To meet the growing demand of agricultural developments in the North West a workforce plan has been completed as is available here.

A stakeholder workshop was held in October 2020. The following are workshop notes and resources from that meeting:

NW Agricultural Report - Summary PDF 344KB

Workshop Notes - December 2020 Word 480KB

Workshop Summary - How to Guide PDF 271KB

The second stage of the agricultural skills delivery is to support 150 workers into training. RTV Training will be providing assistance to employers of agricultural businesses in north west Tasmania to meet their skills needs.

Further details area available at North West Agriculture Skills Delivery | Skills Tasmania

5School Based Apprenticeships – Training and Pathways

Working with employers and industry to develop pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship pathways and increase the number of school based apprentices on the North West Coast.

Cradle Coast Authority have delivered 19 school based apprentices and trainees commencing in local council positions over the last 2 years. For further information refer to the Cradle Coast Authority website. The program has worked with local government to build pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship pathways and increase the number of school based apprentices on the North West Coast.

6North West School Based Apprenticeships Grant Program

The North West School Based Apprenticeships Grant program is available to support eligible employers in North-west Tasmania to employ a school based apprentice or trainee.

The program will support employers in the following sectors:

  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Accommodation and Food Services
  • Building and Construction
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Aged Services
  • Disability Services
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Transport and Logistics

There are 100 grants of $2 500 available to support employers in the identified industries.

Interested employers should contact their Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) to help them assess eligibility and assist with the application.

North West School Based Apprenticeships Grant Program Guidelines

Application for North West School Based Apprenticeships Grant Program

7Beacon – Vocational Placement Pilot Program (VPPP)

In partnership with the Department of Education, Skills Tasmania have provided funding to support the Vocational Placement Pilot Program. The project will explore the benefit an intermediary organisation like Beacon can provide to support the arrangement and completion of vocational placements for students undertaking VET courses in Tasmania. Beacon Foundation have provided 133 placements in north west schools over the last two years. For further information, refer to the Beacon Foundation website.

8Learning Technology Resources Program

TasTAFE have developed 5 units of the Diploma of Agriculture as online learning resources. The program has built skills in supporting innovative training delivery to the agricultural sector within TasTAFE. For further information refer to the TasTAFE website.

9Mining Industry Workforce Plan

The Tasmanian Minerals, Manufacturing, and Energy Council (TMEC ) was funded to develop a workforce development plan for the Mining Industry, consultation is complete and the final plan is available here. For further information, refer to the TMEC website.

The ninth initiative of the North-West Job Ready Generation Package supported the purchase of five mobile welding simulators for the advanced manufacturing sector. Funding was provided directly to the Tasmanian Mineral Manufacturing and Energy Council (TMEC) for this initiative.