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Skills Tasmania

Horticulture Supervisor Training Program

Program name:

Horticulture Supervisor Training Program

Program open to:

Horticulture businesses

Program open date:

25 July 2022

Program close date:

Training places will be available until the 125 places are filled. Likely program close for registrations will be 30 September 2022

Program purpose:

The Program will undertake the training of 125 horticulture workers in supervisory skills to help horticulture businesses adapt to increased demands for supervisors in the industry.


TasTAFE 1300 655 307

The program has provided a grant to TasTAFE to deliver the program. Training will be provided from August – December 2022.

The program will provide 125 places to horticulture workers to study the following units:

  • AHCWHS301 – Contribute to work health and safety
  • BSBLDR414 - Lead team effectiveness
  • AHCWRK306 - Comply with industry quality assurance
  • AHCWRK305 - Coordinate worksite activities

1Program objectives

The Tasmanian Government has received advice from the Fruit Growers of Tasmania Inc. that the industry requires training in supervisory skills to help business adapt to changes made by the Fair Work Commission to the Horticulture Award that come into place at the end of April 2022. This training is needed to increase the total number of supervisors on farms and upskill existing supervisors to handle the increased performance management and reporting requirements that the changes to the Horticulture Award will demand.

To ensure that the Tasmanian Government continues to be responsive to the needs of the Horticultural Industry, up to $230 000 ex GST has been allocated, after a competitive selection process, to fund TasTAFE to deliver supervisory training units across 3 regions of the state for up to 125 students.

2Eligibility for the program

Horticultural Businesses eligible to be funded for training must:

  • have a physical base and worksite in Tasmania,
  • be horticultural businesses,
  • make a financial co-contribution towards the training cost for workers.

Training places per employer are capped at 4 (but may be subject to negotiation and the discretion of Skills Tasmania).

Need more information?

Contact Grant Program Manager on 0423255776 or by email