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Skills Tasmania

Tasmania Specific Reporting Requirements

State Funding Source Codes

Tasmania has unique State Funding Source codes which map to National Funding Source codes. The list is available below.

State Funding Source Codes I PDF 135KB 2 May 2022

AVETMISS State Specific Fields for Tasmania

In January 2020, Skills Tasmania introduced a number of new Tasmanian-specific fields for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to report against in their training activity data:

In the NAT00080:

  1. Client Industry of Employment
  2. Client Occupation Identifier

In the NAT00120:

  1. Client Tuition Fee (not new for the NAT00120, but the requirement to report the field in all submissions is new)
  2. Program Enrolment Identifier
  3. Client Resource Fee

In the NAT00130:

  1. Income Contingent Loan Indicator
  2. Program Commencement Date
  3. Program Enrolment Identifier
  4. Program Status Identifier
  5. Client Resource Fee
  6. Client Tuition Fee

All relevant specifications, including definitions can be found in the Tasmanian Specific Reporting Requirements for the AVETMISS VET Provider Collection (v.1.04 updated 22 September 2021) I PDF 1.7MB Word 600KB.

To allow for challenges arising from COVID-19, errors in the new fields have been returning warnings instead of errors when RTO submissions are processed by Skills Tasmania.

Skills Tasmania is offering a final extension to transition arrangements for reporting the new fields. Until 30 September 2021, data errors in the eight new fields will continue to return warnings only. Following this date, they will revert to returning errors.

We encourage RTOs to report correctly against new fields if they are not already doing so. From 1 October 2021, correct reporting of the new fields will be mandatory and RTOs must resolve all errors prior to submission to Skills Tasmania.

Queries about the changes can be directed to

Guidelines for reporting students continuing their enrolment from 2019

The following fields are not required for students who are continuing their enrolment from 2019:

In the NAT0080:

  1. Client Industry of Employment
  2. Client Occupation Identifier

In the NAT130:

  1. Income Contingent Loan Indicator

Blank entries for these fields will return warnings only.

In the NAT00120 the following fields will not be required for subjects with a Start Date prior to 01/01/2020.

  1. Client Tuition Fee
  2. Client Resource Fee

In the NAT00130 the following fields could be filled either with the fee amount or with 00000 for clients who are continuing from 2019.

  1. Client Tuition Fee
  2. Client Resource Fee