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Skills Tasmania

Providing training in Tasmania

Are you wanting to deliver vocational education and training in Tasmania?  Find out more about the requirements in Tasmania.

1How do I become a registered training organisation (RTO)?

If you are thinking of starting a training organisation but don't know where to begin, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) website is a good place to start.

2Registration requirements

Registered training organisations (RTOs) delivering or wishing to deliver VET in Tasmania must be registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). ASQA is responsible for the accreditation and registration of training organisations within the vocational education and training sector.

It is a requirement of ASQA registration that the RTO must meet all components of the VET Quality Framework, one of which is the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) 2015. These standards assess the ability of an RTO to provide nationally-consistent, high-quality training and assessment services.

RTOs registered to deliver VET in Tasmania are listed on the (TGA) national register.

3Accessing Tasmanian Government funding

RTOs who wish to deliver vocational education and training in Tasmania must meet the above registration requirements.

RTOs wishing to access Tasmanian Government funding to provide subsidised training in Tasmania must be endorsed by Skills Tasmania.

Non-Endorsed RTOs can still deliver vocational education and training, however they cannot access Tasmanian Government funding programs.

The majority of RTOs operating in Tasmania are Endorsed RTOs.

See Accessing Tasmanian Government Funding for more information.

4Training Packages with approved nominal hours

Nominal unit hours for Training Packages can be found in the following link Approved Nominal Hours.

5Issuing certificates, records of results and statements of attainment

Each RTO is responsible for issuing certificates, records of results and statements of attainment to their learners.

All qualifications issued must comply with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). The AQF Guidelines can be obtained from the website.

For information regarding the issuing of certificates, records of results and statements of attainment please refer to the ASQA webpage.

You can download a Sample AQF Certification Documents Fact Sheet from the ASQA website.

Skills Tasmania advise learners seeking certificates, records of results or statements of attainment to contact their training organisation in the first instance.


Where training was undertaken with a training contract in place, the following wording is required to be added to the certificate: 'Achieved through Australian Apprenticeship Arrangement'. This is consistent with ASQA requirements outlined on their website above.

6Collection, creation and storage of unique student identifiers

All RTOs must adhere to the regulations for collection, creation and storage of Unique Student Identifiers (USIs). RTOs have a responsibility to collect, record and store USIs securely. An RTO can also create a USI for their learners, as long as the learner has provided written permission.

For more information relating to RTO responsibilities with USIs, watch the following video available on the USI website.

7Training Plans for Apprentices and Trainees

Registered training organisations (RTOs) are responsible for developing training plans for apprentices and trainees. They do this in collaboration with the employer and apprentice or trainee, within three months of the training contract commencement date. For more information about training plans, please go to Training plans for apprenticeships and traineeships.

8The role of Skills Tasmania

Vocational education and training is the joint responsibility of the Australian and State and Territory Governments, in partnership with industry, the vocational education and training sector, and the wider community.

Skills Tasmania is the unit of the Tasmanian Government that is responsible for training and workforce development, and oversees the vocational education and training system in Tasmania. Skills Tasmania is part of the Department of State Growth.

For further information go to What services do we offer?

9Promotion of subsidised training

Subsidised training:

Any promotion of training that has been subsidised under the Skills Tasmania Agreement must acknowledge the assistance of Department of State Growth with the words: 'This training is subsidised by the Department of State Growth, Tasmania'.  This also applies to other funding programs including those that are covered by a grant deed.

Invitation to attend a graduation or public event:

Where the RTO wishes to invite a member of the State or Commonwealth Parliament to attend a graduation or other public event associated with the training purchased under this agreement, the RTO must advise Skills Tasmania of that intention prior to the finalisation of such arrangements so that all parties concerned can be adequately briefed.

For more information contact:

Carolyn Nichols
Director, Training Operations
Skills Tasmania
Ph: 03 6165 6024